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Standing at the field

Date Written: October 9, 2017

With my grand father's walking stick

And admiring monkey 's wink

I stood at the corn field

To see corn yield 

My mother Roasted few corns for me 

By creating some instant fire with husks and glee

I was just five year's old 

But was not timid enough bold

We have grown paddy seedlings

Waited hard to grow siblings 

Sudden rain drops and the wind

Blown life in to it of some kind

Sudden chillness made me wear

Grandpa's coat so dear 

I felt I have grown up 

And I can frighten birds and monkeys

Disturbing my fields

2 comments on “Standing at the field”

  1. Sonia Crt     October 9, 2017

    beautiful write.. Uma mam..
    i really enjoyed it..

  2. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 9, 2017

    How I wish I could stand at the field—-
    And reap the yield—-
    My wish may or may come true but I’ve reaped and enjoyed your poetic yield !!
    Simply superb and superlative !!!!
    Well done Uma !!!

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