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Find Me

Date Written: October 11, 2017

Quivering hands.
Trembling spine.
Moth choked throat.
Cold fingertips.
Sealed lips.
Sanctioned desires.
Decayed echoes.
Forbidden tears.
Thrumming chest.
Shrinking silence.
Empty heartbeat.
Shattered soul.
Mysterious miracle.
Lost soul praying You — find me.

5 comments on “Find Me”

  1. sunburned     October 11, 2017

    Wanting to have company, blessings to you

  2. deeny107     October 17, 2017

    good write friend

  3. deeny107     October 17, 2017

    please take me to my poems

  4. River.Ophelia     October 18, 2017

    nice one
    could feel…
    I loved it, Valentyna

  5. Jane Shaer     October 21, 2017

    How can I find my poetry? It’s been completely deleted?

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