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Date Written: October 8, 2017

I sat and watched the rain~
pulsing down as it fell,
colliding with the glass,
stopped by the invisible barrier
separating it and I.
I sat and watched as the rain
rolled down the glass,
and it reminded me of the way
I fell in love with You.
Quietly, gently falling,
helplessly descending
the entirety of each drop, like the entirety
of my whole soul losing myself into You.
Hopelessly crashing down
like the rain until it hit the glass
separating it from touching me.
And I worry
that I will be just like that raindrop
and be lost
while You are preoccupied
with all the other drops of water
falling from the sky
that don’t hit that glass
and land against Your skin.

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  1. sunburned     October 11, 2017


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