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Bitter sweet

Date Written: October 18, 2017

Shivers creep on me in the post-orgasmic ecstasy 
I light a cigarette and blue smoke crawls up my skin 
Almost can feel you touching me
Giving love to my body

Inhaling the smoke brings back flashbacks of you
Suddenly we are in your room, drunk and young
I ask you to kiss me and you make me a slave
I taste you on my fingers and you taste like sin and whiskey
You pin me to the wall and we share what I thought was air
Rotten lungs and pretty eyes
My cigarettes now burn faster and you are lost in a fog 
And although you destroyed me day by day 
I never felt more alive
so I find myself reaching for your fire to light just one more cigarette.

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Image Bitter sweet Shivers creep on me in the post-orgasmic ecstasy I light a…
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