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Puzzlebox Hearts
by ValentyneDreams
Darknessdrenched in blackunfolds like a starless nightleaving liberty to liein saturated emotion.As a sea of prayersformed from suffocating wordsslowly drowns.In longing, I wait.Fingertips slippingcombinationsacross puzzlebox heartsin hopes a clickwill unlock forever love.Ensconce me.
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To My Ex
by PhazerPPlaya
You are a pretty thing on a stringNow I’m going to sing and have one’s ass in a slingI wish I could see you nowBut why do I have a sacred cow?You make my day way betterThat’s because it’s an open letterLet’s go up high and fly through the skyCome by my house and cross…
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Feelings Towards A Straight Girl
by PhazerPPlaya
When I'm all alone in my roomI tend to lay in my tombWhat am I going to do?Am I a fool?I must be thenBut I'm not really interested in menThat's cause they are jerksJerks who just use you and lurkThere's nothing wrong with being gayWe are all the same, but todayI felt a connectionTo a…
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on a millennial birthday
by Jim Bellamy
  iTonight, a swift movement, a skirl,as if the heart in bogland had sought outto sink smoothly beneath a flume of mudor blood-burst, about whose mind the eyespits in perseverance, up and out of waterinto spumes of some indigo age. Yourface is a strong line of fission, more,arms and legs are thrown before and afteran aptitude…
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I Just Can’t
by PhazerPPlaya
My life is overI just can’t no moreI’ve done thingsCan’t you just let me go?I got to go, pleaseI’m begging on my kneesPlease, please let me go to hellI deserve it quite wellBaby, I knowBut I have made my choice alreadyI seem to fade awayDon’t come hereOr I’m going to disappear
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Birthday love letter,
by Michale la Gabrilella
Dear lovely one . Whom the stars named Cynthia, Could you  be any lovelier ? Could you be any more perfect than you are my lover from another star,This is a time of celebration for you came into the world ,My beautiful birthday girl , A harbinger of Peace . A trumpet of joy ,…
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Bright sunshine
by Shobha Raman
Night seemed long as unknown feeling was withiny heartTried to sleep but his smile woke me upheart beat raced  every second passed like an yearwaited for tthe day to Dawn and my thoughts which were drawn to be colouredMy heart was heavy and I wanted to somehow​​​​​​Reveal my lovelike a  flower I I opened my…
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Good to Go!
by JustJoAngus2
she sits ina salty sea streaming her face staining it drowning herselfsinking deepdoting doting on the spade...Speculating... The Spade utters, 'Good to go!'
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Oh, My Love
by Mike Brindley
The voice of angel will guide you, like the wind blows, she dances among the cloud nice and steady, her passion was kept strong, to swept her sweet red delicious rose petals on the floor, as zillion of It, she put everything into the tub, she turns the hot water overflow, she dips in peace…
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by SweetViolettes
Be my touch as you awakenfeel my kiss ensconce yourthoughts, lucid illusions of wordsthat stain from ruby lipsand curl up purringin your gentle open palm.The violet frosted mistcovered mountains, skiesthat draw your memoriesto me, moonlight slippingacross your skin in whispers,tingled breaths of ecstasy.Radiance thrummingthrough your veins, my namecarved in chambers of yourheart, the graceful treesthat blossom, the…
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