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In the Distance

Off in the distance the sun is setting,
while here on the porch I sit regretting;
Each moment that slipped through my fingertips,
especially when I last kissed your lips.

I could have begged for you to stay,
letting my love shine in every way;
But off you went in a misty haze,
leaving me stumbling through the maze.

Never knowing what truly pulled us apart,
and wondering why you broke my heart;
Perhaps life is simply a mystery,
with answers buried beneath the sea.

While watching the colors of a summer's sky,
I finally decide to say goodbye;
My eyes are moist from latent tears,
as I vow to conquer lingering fears.

Everlasting love is hard to find,
with someone who'll live within my mind;
To grow with me as years move on,
and share the setting of the sun.
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In the Distance , by Fran McClelland 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
anonymo magnifico 9 months ago
...U have mastered poetry with this release!...
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks so much, A M !! 
Tracy Bollinger 9 months ago
When I was little I used to concoct these imaginary scenarios of tear-laden farewells going off to war. Now I'm a 'mute' hugger. Whatever the reasons, good-byes usually suck. Well-expressed Fran!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
There's a song called "Don't Like Goodbyes" which is on Barbra Streisand's PEOPLE album from years ago, and what was true then is still true today ! Thanks for the kindly review, "Mute-Hugger" ! (lol). 
alan wells 9 months ago
Good bye's are very hard.
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thank you, Alan ! 
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
while we cherish the beauty of the sky ! 
Coy Day 9 months ago
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
thanks, Coy ! 
Sonja Carnes 9 months ago
Moving! Well done!
Fran McClelland 9 months ago
So happy you enjoyed it, Sonja ! 
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