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Springs not getting dry

Springs not getting dry , whirling paths always witessing revolving so on hindrance falling staging a fowl play ?
Honey dropping , goblets so fully filled as a great spiring horripilating as the rain oh truth soells ?
The wrong verses as so cannot say thriving to set as so not having as such a mine as so rising sp on time ?
Existence not friedly so false scolding the paths of truth meeting as a terrible oh a question ?
Eternal time so makes an interpretation , lotus of desire makes the song of waking honey fruits oh filled in the valley ?
The sweetness of the word not known , entire , hot , happy and very nice so beutiful , great vain hopes so hot ?
Happiness sp not having sowing the rain of fire not knowing anything not so collected so thrilling distand places thriving ?
For something , for anything the winds of fire so swallow anything trying to get some flowers of truth ?
Springs not getting dry , whirling paths shivering always witnessing resolving so on hindrance falling staging a fowl play ?
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