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A Night Full of Snow

This winter Night is a painted dream
cold and silent around a warm stream
Every thing is making love tonight
as the dark testifies its delight

The trees are naked touched by snow
their bodies covered above and below
My fingers are hungry for a golden bunch
as snow sensates the silken touch

I am full and empty inside my room
finding traces of happiness in my gloom
I burn like the oils of lamp
in a night full of snow

This night is night of thinking aloud
a night that hides bosoms of light
I can kiss the face of white snow
can touch the lips of this falling arrow

My loneliness sews the woolen pheran
and cover my body with a warm delight
I feel empty and broken inside
in a night full of snow.
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A Night Full of Snow, by Sajad Wani 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
CLINT 6 months ago
I've read a lot lately,  this is my favorite so far, thanks
Janakaraj Sivaram 6 months ago
very nice
Andreas Simic 28 days ago
Life is not always a bowl of cherries, sometimes bitterness is mixed in. This poem reflects that.
Gerald K Robbins 6 months ago
Nice rhyming patterns, I suggest reading a few more times to develop its flow.
Joe Topich 20 days ago
Try to create not just words to paper
hate you 6 months ago
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