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I Still Smie

Picture?type=square by Coy Day
I Still Smile, don't get close !
Will end up swing from the top of
that post .
Thing don't always look as they seem
so mind you own, or get what you will
deem !
I Still Smile but say nothing you know,
in time I hope thing will just be let go .
Time does not heal when you get the short
straw, I walk away the bad end of the draw !
I Still Smile , so nothing will be said have to
work, and deal with people it is said >
I ask keep away, or it's you in the end who
pays !
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I Still Smie, by Coy Day 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 6 months ago
Excellent work here,Coy!
Coy Day 6 months ago
thank you
Coy Day 6 months ago
Mei Toodle 6 months ago
Wow that is deep. Keep it up
Coy Day 6 months ago
thank you
Dee Cooper-Durden 6 months ago
Good work.  Just a few typing errors and you will have a really great poem.  Be a little careful of the flow, otherwise, I could feel w!hat you were saying and that's great.  Keep on writing!
Coy Day 6 months ago
thank you
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