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The Mountains and Sea Sigh

I can hear the mountains and sea sigh when I am asked,
If you have been in the wind.
How can you know how the world see?
hear me, see me, I am not what you think.
A world without sound or sight is not silent
I can hear the wind through the mountains and sea
as mothers comfort their child
feel the gentle breath on my heart when a child smile
I can feel the rain sigh while dancing away the night
And I can hear the mountains and sea sigh
I can feel the sun burn and whisper to my heart, let the winter snow calm it.
when I am dealing with a storm
I can let the winter snow show the way while the fire burn and find my way.
When it time to forgive
So tell me again, when heart win every time.
Are we so different?
As the mountains and sea sigh
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