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We can all grow with poetry all the time

Surely poetry is a weapon ,
Loaded with future and surrounded by the past!
And that is why certainly-
I had nothing to lose but
Someting to gain ,
And eventually for that cause I was born to be a warrior
Against the world of narrow mindset.

Actually I havenot been achieved anything special yet now!
I am always looking to achieve more than I did today,
And striving to improve myself all the time.

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Mottakinur Rahman 24 days ago
All Rughts Reserved.
We can all grow with poetry all the time, by Mottakinur Rahman 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Uma Natarajan 3 months ago
I appreciate 
Mottakinur Rahman 3 months ago
Vishal Rasgotra 3 months ago
Nice poem
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