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miracle must of a miracle trust a pure
passion the land of the lost and the lost of
the land as musicians send flyers my lyrics
on demand as i shall be heard every word
of giving and truly living as the kids are
lifted through me as one voice with no choice
except rain as the other side of this universe
praise the heavenly as a spirit is giving to
a true whole span of life a word as this mere
inspiration guides me to the language of
love for all gods people as i fold my hands
on the keys of life where the freedom to take
someone elses strife to learn the guidance as
i give of myself as truth beholds the lost
as the lost beholds the truth as life bends
and bind as the bindery carries us over
the shores and across the sea while the eager
beings wait on the return of a gift passed
down from god a miracle must in god we trust
searching for a time to share hence a time to care

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Miracles, by claire keaton 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Subhashchandra Adhav 9 days ago
Wonderful write 
Excellent share !!
claire keaton 9 days ago
Thank you
Sonja Carnes 9 days ago
Exquisite work!
Beautiful, and compassionate
I Adored reading your poem
Thank you, Claire.
claire keaton 8 days ago
thank you
claire keaton 9 days ago
Christopher Russon 9 days ago
Written with depth.
claire keaton 8 days ago
thank you
Lindsay Hall 9 days ago
Much appeals here: the internal rhymes, the alliteration, the obvious sincerity and plain humanity.

But there is much to work on.

(1) too much 'I'/'me';
(2) punctuate, please;
(3) spellos ('truely')
(4) structure? this has no recognisable poetic form.

Sorry to sound so damning, but there are good ideas here which are worth development.

claire keaton 8 days ago
danke shien
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