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Selfishness is as shameless as it can tell what not,
Sweet, sour, unpleasant, pungent, mild and hot.
Can turn over at any flash like a famous turn coat,
Never excuse any one may be foe, friend or mate.
To cover profit can do and undo each and everything,
Father, mother, relative all appear not human being.
Shameless guys regard no formal belief if not gainful,
Take help from others but no return to helping fool.
Think themselves only the right individual others dam,
Sweetness only in voice to others that is the decorum.
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SELFISHNESS , by ARUN MAZUMDER 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
Respectful and profound!
ARUN MAZUMDER 6 days ago
Sweetness only in voice to others that is the decorum.
MT Brooks 6 days ago
This didn't gain my comment, but my respect.
Jeff Hargrave 6 days ago
Those who chose to feel sorry for them self fall so
Far away from there own realities
Uma Natarajan 6 days ago
Salmabanu Hatim 6 days ago
Selfishness is a big BAD
Len Lewis 6 days ago
I know what you mean, Arun.
ARUN MAZUMDER 6 days ago
many thanks my poet friend my work is for you all
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