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Think it’s quiet in the country? Just try sleeping there.
Waking of the birds in the early morn is quite a loud affair.
Crickets are chirping and locust are singing in a tree.
All the singing fitting together and in exactly the right key.

Frogs are croaking on lily pads down at the pond,
And you feel like pulling out an imaginary wand;
For with the owl hooting softly in the background
Screeching here and there, the cymbals of the sound.

Joined by two cats under the window howling as they spar.
Then drumming of a dog barking; thank goodness it is far.
Just when you think the noise has ceased down at the lake.
A rooster starts to crow and now you’re fully awake.

Cows are mooning and it is time to get out of that bed,
So get up and get going, I say you sleepy head.
Peeping, quacking, oinking continues throughout the day.
if only I could hide out in the barn sleeping in the hay!

© copyright 1999.08.01 by Jean E. Gorney
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