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Left alone in the dark
On my way to breaking, almost at the mark
Never given a reason to live, not even to speak
Everywhere I go I want people to look at me, my face, just a peak
Living is a lie, but it's all I can do
You can help me just give me something, anything, just something new
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James Gray More than 1 year ago
really loved this struck a chord with me, keep up the excellent work
Robert R. Woods More than 1 year ago
Get your points across creatively... nice heartfelt phrasing... good sense of rhyming...
Nuel Nwankwor Ikwueto More than 1 year ago
Keep writing
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Nice message
Levi Domingos More than 1 year ago
could u write part two? need more insight on above...
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