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life story

let me try to explain my life to you
when i was fourteen i started getting verbally abused
the summer of 2004 i acted out by running away
the longest i got was a couple of days
in 2005 i got knocked up, couple months later i got locked up
eight months after birth they took my kid
now its my life i want to get rid
january 17, 2007 i got married, i cheated then miscarried
now i feel i want a divorce
even though i love robbie of course
people play rumors of me around
now two of my friends are 6 feet in the ground
can life get any tougher, can this road get any rougher
im seventeen and a mother, my best friend is my brother
ive lost all faith for i just got raped
he wanted my body, my shape
its the nightmares i can't escape
everyone just seems so fake
i want to talk but theres to much fear
i don't want to shed no more tears
it all started from my dad, it was happyness i once had
my sister slept with my first love
he didn't even wear a glove
my life is hitting rock bottom now
i've got to get through this somehow
the people im meeting i don't want to lose
but right now i just want the booze
i can't find a right way to cope
so i started back up the dope
i've exposed to much
i don't want to be touched
this all started way back when
im running out of ink, so i'll put down my pen
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Sajad More than 1 year ago
this poem is very biographoical........passionate and rhythmic! liked it!
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Nice flow and rhythmic
654 666 More than 1 year ago
Stanley Collymore More than 1 year ago
very thoughtfully written.
Diane Kennedy More than 1 year ago
follow the light my Deary!! Things are never as bad as they may seem and they will always get better you just have to look in the right places
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