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by skoc
the storms are flashing, feelings passing, some wait and go, some fight and glow this things we all search for, it's all around us, yet we don't see it until it's the past looking for answers, we're all doing fine, we just don't get that, the key is inside fighting and failing, but why do we try? some for the glory some for their right twenty-first something, without any fear, we're all looking up but the rescue's down here tilting our heads up to the sky but someone beside us is waiting to die
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by gautamr89
LIFE: A Repertoire of the paths we tread, The uncertainities we dread. The trails we leave, The realities we perceive. The answers we seek, The secrets we keep. The stars we gaze, The horizons we chase. The choices we make, The voices we forsake. The bridges we burn, The lessons we learn. -Gautamr89
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