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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Just a word for all to see
Spring is here as it should be!

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Every time I turn, there is someone pressing the button of abuse
Seems, this has outlived it's use!
Fine writers do not get the quality of their
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White Sorrow's winter's tale.
Lost in the mountains relentless cries!
No traveler makes it back from this forsaken rock!
Silence fills the air I stand on the summit of my
Dreams. Looking to the beauty of "God's good earth!"
This was truly a dream, the good, the turmoil was in
My sleeping mind, and that mountain lived so briefly
I conquered the mountains relentless Sting!
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If you look at The Dove Of Peace
You will glare at the bird of War

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Fear is standing beside the brave man

Courage is when it looks into the eyes of fear,
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Soft Sorrow's song, beats in the sleeping
Tears of precious gems
Meets tomorrow's lost joys
Look to the heavens for eternnal
Love so pure
Life is the fleeting grief...............
We are meant to endure
Seeking warmth in winter's chill
Hold to your ancestors, spirit's thrill.
All is softly fleeting, when the heart's
Nolonger beating....
Days come and go
Nights sleep in season's call
All that once stood will fall
Forward calls the Trinity
To fill the bloodline of ...........

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Softly my Window creeps open
The Fragrant smells of Lilacs fill the room.
I close my window only for it to open again.
I look to the open fields of dormant winter's passing.
The golden rays of gentle dawn, warm my face.
In the distance, the sea is stirring up with the wind
Across it's surface.
Days like this is a gift......It is life giving unto life.
The window stayed ajar for the remainder of the
day. Days like this, are made to cherish!

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It is a breathtaking sight as the sun rises over the Mountains
I can feel the warmth and love for the moment
I gaze through the window and hear the cries of a dieing
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"Take two laughs out loud
Then call me in the morning."
(Laughter is the best medicine.)
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Captivating, your smile.
Enchanting , your eyes
Tremendous, your love.
... continued
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