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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Morning opens Wide her eyes
Soft velvet clouds kiss the sky
I look to my cup to fill with love
A peaceful blessings from above.
All heart's content in my home
My stirring thought , begin to roam
What time of day I haste,
These hours I do not waste
My friends with pen in hand
Share with open heart.........
Reaching out with hope is a
Blissful start.
A day like this I gather light
It holds my spirit's sight..
Come feel the warmth of
Our morning star, it beams
It's light from afar.............
Come sit with me on distance shores
And feel the rhythm of the sea
Life's beauty is feeling the moment
Of infinity.

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Looking in your angelic face
Holding light and full of grace
Warmth and joy rebound, your
... continued
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Only one heart
Only one life
Gentle joys
... continued
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I look into his eyes
My infant grandson
Remembering, a similar
... continued
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I'm thankful for the heart God has given me
he has blessed me with his love!
Seeing new life opens my eyes to a beautiful
Hope, and answered prayer
It is a worthy serenity to fill my days with such
Peace, and joy!
Days like this are a gift, and love is the the wrapping.
My Father would of loved to see little Nathan's face
I believe he has!
Angels light our way
In the darkest night
In the brightest day
With those who are
Home above, Thier
Raidiance is Thier
I've seen such light
And it is freeing!
This is a radiance
My soul is seeing!
Thank you for everything
Dear Lord!

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How can a poem of A child's Birth be labeled abusive?
How can the joy of a loving Grand mother be wrong?
How can I believe I have freedom of speech, when
All the love I have is labeled wrong?
I respect this community, appreciate everyone's art.
I'm cut down again at my morning start!
Two days in a row is a bit to much,
To have a piece of my heart torn apart.

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May 25th 1:20 Am My Grandson Nathan
Came in to this World quietly.,his eyes
Shift across the room , father held his
... continued
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I am a nature lover as anyone can see,
But I'll never forget the time it backfired
On me
Two miles into the dense woods checking
The moss on the trees, moving along with
Graceful ease!
Come High noon I searched for an accommodating
Trunk.To have my lunch, found one!
On the other side was a family of skunks!
So fluffy and cute like my cat. I watched them
Play, as I sat!
I toss them some bread, veggies and cake
They came together in a wholesome crowd
But much to my surprise there appeared a
black snake ,I believe one of mother's skunks
Baby it'd take!
I jumped up and Screamed out loud landing on my
Feet in a smelly cloud!
My eyes were burning my nose unfire
Mother skunk defence was dire .
Well I ran home not a life in sight
Burned my clothes and scrubed
With might!
My loving cat ran from me, but
It was plain to see, the family of skunks
Was safe and sound ,and that big
Black snake was nowhere to be found!!
I'll pass on walks for weeks
Not knowing what creature
Would hide and seek.
Essence of skunk
Is hard to defunct
Mother nature stands sweet
And Tall but like anything else
Has a down fall!!!

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My Grandson is approaching this world
A new life my friends, is on his way in
I pray to hold him! God's warmth is with me
When he enters this world he will bring
The peace of a new beginning!
He will breathe the air we all share.
If angels watch his sleep, God beckons
Him as time begins to leap.
What hours are ahead, no one can say
That brings such joy this beautiful day.
He works for freedom,
and freedom calls
No other freedom here on earth
Is as beautiful as an infants

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Goodbye to one and all!
This last wound has brought
My fall!
... continued
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