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The Dower Flower

Date Written: September 1, 2017

The Dower Flower©

It is a misty summer day, the morning rain
providing a sheen on the sidewalks
the temperature warm with the touch of a coolness

My eyes are drawn to a neatly
trimmed bush with a bouquet of flowers
freshly blossomed from their protective buds

I stand in awe of their beauty and the magnificence
they hold and the expression of vibrancy in their colors
The tenderness they exude softly swaying in the gentle breeze

My walk continues and our paths cross as they have a time before
She is tallish, young with usually longer blonde hair
Most would call her attractive and good looking even statuesque

I often imagine her to be a model given the varied times of the day
that our paths have interwoven and her stylish fashionable attire,
yet in the midst of the mystique something feels asunder

There is an aloofness, a sense of unhappiness,
never a smile or a warm glow on her face
in its place I feel sadness maybe aloneness

My conjecture leads me to ponder and surmise
how someone so young can be so dower
she is the other flower the dower flower

There is beauty but is locked up inside
one day my hope is that her bud too will blossom
and she will become the flower she is meant to be

Andreas Simic©

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