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One Life

Date Written: October 22, 2017


Our breath is bared in joy or sorrow

Our heart beats us up, one beat at a time

Our mind keep us in time, so we think, or some in thought

Our soul flies high or low, to good or bad, where will it go?

Our spirits are bought with His blood, so feel the freedom flow

Our bodies are home, built with bone, one temporary loan

Our journey, some to Heaven, some to Hell, only the book of life will tell

Our purpose do we know? One of two ways, all will go!

Our total sum of life is death smiling or whispering, the way do we know

Sow the reaping

Salvation or Damnation?

Some hearts black, some in glow

Some holding on, some letting go

Grasp the wings or feel the fire

Swing high or fly low

Laughing or weeping

In the end, your choices, God will know


By Bea Duran



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