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The Bar

Date Written: September 18, 2017

He sat in his usual spot at the bar

Courage had consistently failed him this far

Maybe today it wouldn't be so

Maybe this was the day he'd go

All the way and be able to say what he'd been trying to for so long

He just hoped that the words wouldn't come out wrong

He looked up and saw her smiling as she poured one of the regulars his regular drink

Man, that smile sometimes made it so hard for him to think

No matter how gloomy his day had been that smile always made it better

The sunshine after the really miserable weather

And her lips, oh what he'd give to kiss em

They were just what his life had been missin

Her eyes were green as four leaf clovers

With any luck she'd be his before the night was over

They were enough to cause anyone to envy

They sent his heart into a wild, wild frenzy

Her hair was a dark brown waterfall

He wanted to wrap it round his heart like a shawl

Her skin glowed so beautiful, he imagined how soft it was

Man, she was beautiful and man what a creep he was

Or well, felt like, sitting here with fantasies that would never come true

A girl as wonderful as her would be a fool getting with him, how much better she could do

She was wonderful, inside and out

She made him happy, inside and out

She was kind of unusual 

But he thought she was beautiful

But what could he offer her, he was no more than average

And he had way too much additional baggage

She came round again and offered him another but he declined

Picked up his hat, smiled and left his fantasies behind

She nodded and removed his glass from the counter

And continued her shift of drunken madness and encounters

When she got home, she looked in the mirror and sighed

Sometimes what she saw made her want to cry

Lately, loneliness had been a solid friend

She really wanted this friendship to end

But who could love a face like hers, her hair was scraggly

Lips too thick, eyes too green, and she laughed so weird

Looking in this mirror made her sick

She'd tried to lose the weight, she really had

The only male that paid her any attention was her dad

She wasn't good enough and she knew it, it was true

There were much better things out there to view

She used to have inside her a little bit of hope

But now it was walking on a very frazzled tightrope

Yet maybe one day, a man would see her unusual

He wouls see it all, he would call it beautiful


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