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Date Written: October 7, 2017

a weal of passon, painful inside me
a proven gift, yet full, my soul's poetry
a lover of music, demonic with romance
a lover of music, a hand with open grace
Angels surround me, i think the lines, they write me,
my mind is light, night shadows all around me
how i hurt and heal, these feelings, elementary
elemental as light, shine beneath my poetry
pain has my all, haunted, i'm man's brother
solitude is where i live, thinking like a mother
visions petrify, i am the soul within another;
come, let me show you all
let my heart beat out and smother
southern blow the winds, northerly, my mind
lips as fresh as sin, a lemonade, my spine
perception is my passion, deception all and all
come, read my mind for ever, let love's windows roll
i am a man with stains upon my heart
blackness burns within me, lust, my lover spark
grown in inner city, barred, the life i lead
inventing panes of wisdom, breaking as i wreathe
love created pain, pain is all i find
fortress for a brain, love and lust define
touched by mute campaign, pleasure sunders life
invented by disdain, love brings down the knife
you see a poet story, this is mine, is where i live
i dream of days of peaceness, my guardians divined
to cry is my relief, to weep, my heart's glad pin
to suffer is my century, the chiliad within
know me, know the love beneath the rain
know the rose, the garden, the angel in my vein
kids smile at my rainbow, pleasure fills their void
coloured are my people, painful with love's joys
a woman's touch, a kiss so strong, tranquillity ordained
this is prosody's insides, a picture on a plane
and i can heal, i can, i am, i sense
the king of wisdom flame as he flies;
by me, the poetry of time defines and never dies

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