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Pregnant Because I’m Pregnant

Date Written: October 27, 2017

By Karen Cole
Word count: 200

And I’m telling it to whatever’s out to get me

That I’m pregnant

I’m secretly hoping to whatever Gods there be

That I’m pregnant

And I watch to the stars and I dream about Mars

And I eat nothing but sterling silver candy bars

So I’m pregnant.

If my husband can ever wake up and see

That I’m pregnant – the lie is – I’m pregnant.

I’ve never thought I was a REAL woman my whole life,

And I don’t deserve baby. Who is a girl,

Who is already wonderful

Daughter Angela not imaginary, I think exists!

And if I wake up to myself being two people

Like last time, when an unknown entity resided

So deep within me, I never wanted it to leave,

And want to keep him or her safe deep in there

I will never hit anyone like that ever again –

Because last time, when I lost my foul temper,

My daughter had to learn martial arts from me.

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