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The Words Unspoken

Date Written: September 14, 2017

To My Dearest,

   Have you ever felt as if someone has brought out the best in you? Or being loved so deeply that the love is more powerful than anything on this Earth?

What if I told you that you bring out the best in me?

That you give me these different ways to see?

I have wanted to tell you so many things that I left unsaid because I hadn't known how to speak them. So I am going to spill my words onto this page. 

There are thousands of ways to say "I love you"

Just like there are thousands of ways to break someones heart.

But rather than tearing me apart,

You have picked me up and fed me your art.

Perhaps I'm not quite good at showing you my love, 

but it is as beautiful as a white dove.

It has a glistening glow

like the taste of fresh snow.

and here,

I give to you my all

while my love for you sprawls

as if it is infinite.

So here it is,

the unspoken words of my love for you

it is

and forever it shall remain.

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