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Death Of Zoe March

Date Written: October 19, 2017

it had started to rain on the night that she first decided
to make her way onto a graveyard scene for it was none other but Halloween
a black cat pranced passed her view she didn't know what to do
so like a fool she took a risk going into a nearby crypt
features were in her eyes as if a fake disguise
wearing a black dress as if gothic apparel
while inside she wept forgetting the things she missed
suddely a knock came at the door lest it was a bore
a hand was extended toward her back almost giving her a heart attack
for it was the beloved care taker inspecting the situation
before he left Zoe had confessed she needed to be alone in her solace
for their she remained an an hour had passed
this time a figure came toward her with piercing eyes and teeth
grabbing her by the neck and soon she would forget
after making a feast of the fare lady Zoe the figure had left
blood masquerade every where she was no more
police in the early morning were summoned to sort out the great mess
left as if road kill her remains brought none the thrill

all the authories saw was a lone black cat walking back and forth
nothing short of a homicide her fate was sealed
grizzly allegations of a murderer for hire even blamed it on the care taker
but many years latter we all read in the paper
the creature in question was at it again with long hanging fangs that bite
this time it wasn't in the night to fright but in the day
a farmer went out to barrel some hay
the creature went straight for his neck but the farmer said, "What the heck"?
put his pitch fork through the vain beings eyes and to his surprise the creature just died.
Scientists inspected the evidence of the carcus and realized it wasn't from this world
Zoe didn't die in vain she was just out living her life game


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