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For my Uncle

Date Written: September 25, 2017

Eyes closed, trapped in a bliss, where it all seems so fit for me, where I'm finally happy again.

I start to feel the warmth shine across my face, slowly peeking through my window.

The rays almost as soothing as the comfort I felt when you were near.

But then it gets so bright, lights blinding, sharp like a thousand needles…

Relaxation, gone. Security, gone.

I wake and I realize it's another day with the sun at its peak.

I realize it's just another day that's gonna pass by without you, here.

Another night that I will see you in my dreams.

Only to hope that you being gone would be undone, untrue.

Staring blankly at your pictures, just wanting to hear your voice again.

I speak to you when I look at the skies,

whenever I am lost,

wishing you could make the hurt go away.

Through all the dysfunction, I still turn to you for guidance.

I'm sorry I couldn't sing for you when they asked me to.

I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye when you left.

I love you… & I'm sorry I never chose to say it sooner.

In loving memory – KR

2 comments on “For my Uncle”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    heartfelt poem
    thanks for sharing

    1. moleakia     September 28, 2017

      Thanks for reading❤️

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