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Date Written: October 29, 2017

I have seen death over a thousand times.

Almost as many times as I've seen you

in my dreams,

in faces passing by in the streets.

& in the strangest way,

when you speak of your past

it feels like I am remembering mine

or remembering one with you.

Oh, how familiar your energy is.

It's almost as if I'm supposed to call it home.

Like I have been in its presence a million times before.

Like you're the only thing

in this life

that I've ever truly known.

We weren't born in the same place

but you are from where I'm from,

you have seen what I've seen,

been where I have been.

So maybe, just maybe…

Our souls have met before,

have loved before.

In another life.

Another place.

Because in this space,

where time is nonexistent,

everything stands still when I'm with you.

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