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Distance Places.

Date Written: September 3, 2017

Distance places seperate by opposite galaxy waiting a thousand years once to return.

Thousands of mountains numerous of rivers gaze afar at your beauty.

Let the moon and stars be a matchmaker Distant sky and sea flow together. 

Dark late night falls The deep love is locked outside the city wall. 

Painfully waiting for you to return waiting until spacetime has shattered.

Mountains and rivers have turned into ashes entirely complexion has withered.

Leaving the love into the world continuous reincarnation.

See through the joy and sadness numerous twist and turns.

Forever follow you through life and death travel throughout vast heaven and earth.

Freely flying with you lonely seclusion 

Madness the taste of the yearning weakness is only because of you.

Await with great expectation tears fall as like meteors .

In a mirror pictures a beauty peacefully sleep in the bottom of your heart .

Not fear striking rain blasted wing troubles of the  diverse world.

Entirely as still as water no matter how the body shatters.

the soul turns into ashes never regrets true love.

One time kiss of the evening  mist and red glow of sunrise only want your embrace.

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