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Christian Relationships

Date Written: October 22, 2017


I have been open in speaking,

With a place for you in my heart;

For the things that you are seeking,

So never let them to depart.


You have not ever been cut off,

Your own emotions have made the cut;

For times can be really so tough,

When allowing the door to shut.


I am talking to you as you would,

As treating your children the same;

Not doing the way as you should,

Worshipping and praising His name.


Make a place for me in your heart,

While being humble and kind;

Remember His commands to start,

Get into the right frame of mind.


Stop forming wrong relationships,

Unbelievers from the darkness;

As a Christian stumbles and trips,

From an inappropriate business.


Your light has nothing mutual,

With someone who is from the dark;

Even when it is casual,

No matter where you may embark.


Christ agrees not with the devil,

Same for a believer sharing;

An unbeliever is evil,

The ways they live for not caring.


The temple of the living God,

Not for containing false gods;

I worship to honor and laud,

The one true God not any frauds.


Get away from unbelievers,

Separate yourself from them all;

For they are truly deceivers,

Causing you to easily fall.


For God will be our Father,

You will be His sons and daughters;

As Jesus Christ be your Brother,

Resting along the still waters.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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