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Corrupt Religion

Date Written: September 25, 2017


Listen to the Word of the Lord,

All of you people of Sodom;

Let not the Scriptures be ignored,

Of destruction of your kingdom.


Pay attention what you were taught,

By God people of Gomorrah;

Alter the way that you have thought,

Close up the box of Pandora.


What do all your sacrifices,

And burnt offerings mean to me;

When immoral sin entices,

Displeasing for the Lord to see.


When you appear in His presence,

Who asked to trample His courtyards;

Bring not any disobedience,

While expecting some rewards.


Your incense is disgusting Him,

Worshipping both the moon and sun;

While shunning God feeling grim,

On iniquities you have done.


They are a burden to the Lord,

He is tired enduring them;

Because you merely have ignored,

He is preparing to condemn.


When you stretch out your hands in prayer,

He turns His eyes away from you;

Although what you offer to share,

He listens not what you construe.


Wash yourself as you become clean,

Get evil deeds out of His sight;

Learn to do good do not be mean,

Seek justice turning towards the light.


So come on now let us hash out,

Even though your sins are bright red;

Let snowy white shedding the doubt,

So the bread of life can be fed.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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