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Open Ears

Date Written: October 14, 2017


Open your ears to what I taught,

Turn your ears to the words I speak;

They will tell you what you have sought,

And continue for what you seek.


I will speak in a parable,

Uttering dark sayings of old;

The past is not repairable,

Because you having been too bold.


Things we have heard and known about,

Things that our parents have said;

When younger having so much doubt,

Things that did not make sense instead.


I will not hide them from the kids,

Unto the next generation;

Remembering what God forbids,

That has been His declaration.


Because His power and great deeds,

The miraculous things were done;

Because everything succeeds,

From the Father and through the Son.


He established written teaching,

So future generations know;

Through all the ministers preaching,

For the direction they should go.


The next generation will find,

That all children yet to be born;

How to mature and to be kind,

In this life while they sojourn.


To put your trust into the Lord,

Remembering what He has done;

Let His commands be not ignored,

Rather to be in Him as one.


They will not be like their fathers,

Rather rebellious and stubborn;

Their feeling of this world bothers,

Disturbing how we can sojourn.


They cannot keep faithful to God,

Refusing to walk in His Law;

No longer to honor and laud,

As Satan grasps them with his claw.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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