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Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts

Date Written: October 6, 2017

There’s just something about a girl who can talk about her passion,

who can look into her future and can probably tell you what’ll happen.


I know it’s the way she lives, though I fell for her attraction,

I try to make her day because I love to see her reaction.


She’s fine like the wine in California, and with her brains man she should’ve gone to Berkeley,

Puts up a sober front but a handful of drinks will make her flirty.


She’s walking a fine line and I have the tools to make it sturdy,

She does well on her own but I’ll still be there when we’re thirty.


When I drink, all I ever do is call her,

My mind drifts.

Left and right through the night, like I just might, be Paul Walker.


The way I see it she’s a dime, but I’d never leave her as a tip,

So many words that I can’t say cuz her ex still makes her flip.


My lack of courage is just a poor excuse,

Stopping me from enlightening her with this important news.


Her ignorance of her bliss, the reason for the feelings that I caught,

But my courage lacks occurrence.

So this stays as nothing more than some drunk words and sober thoughts.


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