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My old ruined house

Date Written: September 15, 2017

My old ruined house

Which occasionally rouse

Feelings of sentiments 

With immense attachments 

Where once I lived, laughed 

Now it stands with millimeters of dust

Grotesque furniture broken bust

Weightless silence prevails

Sad tinged gloom avails

Masterpieces of art work scattered 

Old exotic frames shattered

Still I love and see it often 

Since it is no more my property 

I lament and cry over its disparity 



2 comments on “My old ruined house”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 15, 2017

    My old ruined house—To see our old ruined house is rather an unpleasant and anxious experience reflecting blend of tender feelings and delicate sentiments—-The poem enlivens this experiences with nice and lively imagery–
    -Now it stands——-gloom avails —I loved these four lines very much—They depict the state of dilapidation effectively—–
    Wonderful poem—-Excellent share as always !!—–Well done Uma !!

  2. comnpkpillai     September 15, 2017

    Sad memories

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