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Date Written: October 16, 2017

Hills are Lord Shiva's abode

Which is difficult to invade

Shivalingas invoke my conscience 

When he wanders with his senses

His conspicuous absence

Felt by the hills who beseech the clouds

Asking about Shiva's disappearance 

And Shiva smiles keeping silence

When appears again dazzle the eyes

Blue in color creates shadows

All search for his presence 

And their snake of desire 

Is fulfilled by seeing Lingas

Like bosom of mountains

One comment on “Shivalinga”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 16, 2017

    Wonderful poem on Shivaling—-
    Nice expression—-
    Interesting read——
    Well done Uma !!
    Happy Deepawali !!!

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