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I didn'd know

I didn'd know those all , these all ever so ever oh not telling with out knowing u identified no tactics ?
Oh never so never how sweet what a nectar I didn'd one said me unknown , beautiful ?
Lips touching lips horipilation full and total , the goblets still , I didn'd know tunes happiness so revel ?
Ambrosta raining sensuval desires as untold all so dancing as tides smiling a magic circle ?
I didn' d know such everything so ever and ever and so memories sweet after so after ?
Hear say not fruitful , precious casket opened opened oh the some what not fruitfulnees what kb know not ?
Falsity of not anserable puzzles lengthen , lengthen so lengthen floods bugles?
Heavens oh chanting soprano all the evil thoughts ?
Fancies gritting unknown , unknown sickness waiting evel enjoinments waiting for a dinner not saying something ?
Dancing so go on fearless so contine on shaking foots beating not set the cunning eyes oh thrones , thrones ?
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